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Successfully pasting text into HTML-format emails

If you send or reply to an HTML-format email and you want to paste in some text from, say, Word, the chances are that your pasted text will take on totally different (and usually unexpected) formatting — it will stick out like the proverbial sore thumb.  The most straightforward way I’ve found to blend the pasted text into the email is as follows:
1. Paste it into the blank Cc or Bcc box (where you would normally type the list of addressees)
2. Select all of the text that you just pasted and cut it
3. Now paste it into the body of the email where you want it.
The act of pasting the text into the Cc/Bcc line seems to strip out any formatting information, so that when you come to paste it into the HTML, Outlook has no option but to adopt the format of the existing text, and hence your pasted text fits right in.

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