How End User Support Can Transform Business Efficiency

How End User Support Can Transform Business Efficiency

The importance of having access to high-quality end user IT support is sometimes overlooked, especially within small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Yet, in truth, the quality and availability of end user support can make a huge difference to the overall employee experience and can help to transform business efficiency in the process.

In this article, we take a more in-depth look at precisely what this kind of IT support entails and examine both its merits and its role in helping organisations to reach their peak level of performance.

What is End User IT Support?

As the UK government website explains, the role of an end user IT engineer is to deal with service requests, respond to IT incidents that are raised, manage product life cycles and deliver continual service improvement. Your employees may turn to IT support for help with solving problems, fixing defects and learning how to get the most from IT services.

Essentially, if an end user within a business encounters an IT problem that they are unable to resolve, they will contact IT support. The role of IT support is to then discuss the problem with them, diagnose the issue and try to work through possible solutions until the end user is satisfied that the problem has been resolved or the defect has been fixed.

It is important to state that end user support teams cater for problems that occur with hardware, software and network infrastructure. As a job description from Chron points out, it is a complex role, which requires a combination of technical knowledge, problem solving abilities and the interpersonal skills needed to talk end users through solutions.

Improving Efficiency

One of the major benefits of having high-quality end user IT support available is the business efficiency improvements that are associated. After all, when someone within an organisation runs into an IT problem, they are potentially halted from whatever they are doing until the problem is resolved, seriously impacting their productivity in the meantime.

For maximum efficiency, businesses need access to end user IT support that delivers fast resolutions and it is best if as many of these resolutions as possible can be achieved at the point of first contact as well.

Efficiency can also be enhanced in other ways, however. One of the jobs of end user engineers is to pick out areas where a client or user could make IT improvements and to assist them in implementing those changes. This could mean upgrading software or investing in new hardware that is better able to cope with business requirements.

To optimise overall efficiency and get the most from end user IT support, many SMEs outsource responsibility to a managed service provider (MSP). This can help to cut down on the resources and investment required to deliver this kind of support in-house, while ensuring employees still have access to expert advice as and when they need it.

IT Support from Fifosys

Fifosys, we offer comprehensive IT support for businesses in London and the surrounding area. This allows you and your employees to contact our service desk and gain access to fully qualified engineers, who are able to resolve the vast majority of problems instantly, at the first point of contact, avoiding long and frustrating delays.

We work with your business on an individual basis, rather than attempting to use standard solutions. This means the support you receive will be tailored to your specific business and based on your specific needs, goals and challenges.

Regardless of whether you or your employees run into difficulties with software and need to talk it through, or encounter hardware failure, we will be available on a 24/7 basis and happy to help. We can also work with you to make improvements, offer advice, or help you to carry out a root cause analysis and get to the bottom of your IT problems.

Final Thoughts

No matter how much you invest in IT services, they are only going to help you to achieve your objectives if end users actually understand how to get the most from them. This is where end user IT support services come in. You need to know that if employees encounter difficulties using a particular service or system, they have help available to them. Crucially, this help needs to be reliable, available as and when you need it, and able to resolve problems quickly.

When this is achieved, support can help to completely transform the overall efficiency of your business.

James Moss

Technical Director

James Moss