The Cloud Question

The Cloud Question

Why Cloud?

Why own IT? Why manage IT? Why support IT? Why bother with IT?

These are the key questions facing business owners and directors. You wouldn’t contemplate running a business without technology these days, but do you need to own it? If you own it, you need to manage, maintain and upgrade it. If you don’t own it, do you really have control of your data, your systems, your business? It’s a continuing judgement call.

Considering these issues is often what leads our clients to embark on their Cloud journey. While some worry that a Cloud strategy can be risky, possibly reducing control and visibility, increasingly they are coming to acknowledge that when it comes to reducing costs and delivering higher levels of control to the business, the Cloud is the best option.

The “IT as a utility” model shows how the risks are reduced. With the data security and management facilities available within the Cloud, lack of ownership doesn’t ever have to mean lack of control. And far from limiting visibility, the Cloud approach can actually enhance end-to-end visibility across your business data operations and performance, which in turn can help you improve customer service and quality at minimal cost.

So when you’re asking yourself the “Why own IT” questions, the bigger question, we believe, is why would anyone want the responsibility of running a non-core service in-house for something that they will struggle to manage, update and control? The Cloud is your answer.

Become Agile

With a Cloud strategy, CIO’s and IT Directors can now focus more on the business applications that deliver direct results. You are no longer restricted to your in-house technologies or your in-house maintenance and support.

You can test new and emerging applications in a separate environment that remains under your control but enables you to trial and integrate new services without disrupting your business operations and users.

In an environment with multiple technologies provided by multiple vendors, we understand you don’t want the resourcing cost or time implications of having engineers trained and accredited and keeping their skills updated. You want more flexibility and the option to buy service as you need it. You are spending less on hardware, and software is available on an SPLA monthly model. Manufacturers have responded to these changes in demand and have recognised that increasingly organisations are no longer buying product but are demanding a solution.

Security & Compliance

Another major driver towards the Cloud decision is the increasing focus on regulation and compliance. Where in the past this was often dismissed as “No-one is checking”, today the auditing organisations can – and do – enforce stringent financial and other penalties. Again we appreciate that our clients want to be compliant but want to engage with a provider who can help them achieve compliance without needing to carry the cost and responsibility of keeping up to date with regulations and requirements.

The Cloud can offer you fast, compliant, on-demand services without the need for long-term commitment in resources and applications. It supports your mobile employees as well as your office-based teams. Most significantly, it gives you flexibility and the opportunity to grow and enhance your IT services portfolio at low risk.

Making The Change

At Fifosys, we were early adopters of Cloud solutions and have made significant investment in infrastructure, applications, resources and training to take account of the technology changes.

With over 10 years’ experience of delivering leading-edge Cloud services for small to mid-size organisations, we have gained valuable knowledge, insights and learning that have enabled us to develop a highly agile Cloud platform to lead the market.

From this in-depth experience, we recognise the concerns business owners have when they contemplate moving their business systems and applications into the Cloud. We know the importance for you of choosing the right partner for this journey! With our transparent reporting and self-management technologies, the Fifosys team builds trust and confidence for our clients and we can advise and guide you throughout

In some cases it is beneficial to work with a single Cloud provider, but we appreciate that every business is unique. So there may be situations where a competitive Cloud solution makes more sense. If that’s the best option for your business, we will act as a Cloud broker, identifying the most appropriate Cloud solution(s) for you, through our carefully-selected technology partners, and continuing to manage the relationship on your behalf.