Using an MSP to Support Your Project Management Office

Using an MSP to Support Your Project Management Office

Projects are a key part of day-to-day operations for many businesses, which is why so many companies have a project management office (PMO). The PMO is dedicated to overseeing existing projects and developing standards, procedures and strategies that can be used during the execution of future projects as well.

However, it is worth noting that project management is a highly specialised field and for smaller organisations, or those with staffing issues or budget constraints, there are often advantages associated with outsourcing elements of project management, or turning to a managed service provider (MSP) for additional support.

Support for Your PMO

As an article for the Project Management Institute (PMI) points out, a number of functions or processes within project management can be outsourced to a managed service provider, including planning, monitoring and controlling. There are also a number of key benefits associated with seeking out third-party support for individual projects.

For example, some organisations are not primarily project-based, but do have to carry out occasional projects. In these situations, it may not be financially viable to have a large project management department. Instead, outsourcing can result in more affordable, on-demand support, as well as faster ramp up times and greater flexibility.

Beyond this, it can sometimes be useful to consult with an experienced managed service provider, because they may have expertise that is not present within your business, or they may have experience or insights that can help your PMO. These companies are also likely to have specific expertise related to things like IT projects too.

PRINCE2 vs. Agile

When it comes to using a managed service provider to support your project management office, it is important to turn to experienced managers, who have been trained in the most relevant PMO standards, such as PRINCE2 and Agile. The standard you choose will largely depend on the nature of your project.

First, you need to understand the differences between PRINCE2 and Agile. The former is a structured method, which is intended to control the management of the project. As a post from The Knowledge Academy explains, it helps to create a clear framework, based on successive phases. It is also plan-based and primarily focused on your own business goals.

By contrast, the Agile approach is focused on controlling how project work is carried out. It is based around self-organised teams, flexibility and adaptation. The Agile approach is especially beneficial when project requirements may change mid-project and it is also primarily focused on the end-user's requirements, rather than your business goals.

Within IT projects, both PRINCE2 and Agile have their place. For instance, if you have a clear objective, know exactly what you want to achieve and know the requirements are rigid, PRINCE2 is ideal. Whereas for many software projects, for example, Agile can be beneficial, as it allows changes to be made more easily, especially as new information becomes available, or as new user requirements emerge. This can occur even after project roll out has started.

Fifosys Project Management

At Fifosys, we understand the importance of high-quality project management for keeping projects running smoothly and for ensuring they are delivered on schedule. We offer our own project management service, where our expert project management professionals are able to consult with you and assist you throughout the entire project life cycle.

Our experts are trained in PRINCE2 and Agile standards, meaning we can lend support regardless of whether your project needs to be structured or adaptive. We will help to make sure your IT projects deliver for both your project managers and the key stakeholders who are invested in the project.

Fifosys also understands that all businesses are different, which is why we do not offer generic solutions. Instead, we will endeavour to get to know your business, its culture, your objectives and your expectations for the project. From there, we will assign the right project management expert, who can then provide a bespoke service.

The Last Word

Project success can make or break small and medium enterprises, which is why it can be so advantageous to consult with experts and seek out third-party support. The key is to turn to an experienced manage service provider that can work according to established frameworks, such as PRINCE2 and Agile, and deliver based on your specific requirements.

James Moss

Technical Director

James Moss