Why is Network Infrastructure Design Important For Your Business?

Why is Network Infrastructure Design Important For Your Business?

Most modern businesses rely heavily on computer networks, so that employees, customers and business partners can share and access important data. Yet, some SMEs do not take network infrastructure design as seriously as they should.

As an article for 10gea points out, network reliability is now essential. Picture a situation where customers are placing orders over the phone, but staff cannot access inventory information. Even worse, imagine the fall out of a situation where customers purchase digital products, but do not receive them because of a network issue.

Businesses rely on access to customer data, market data and internal insights, and entire organisations function off the back of digital communication. In this article, we explore the subject of network infrastructure design in more detail, by offering some of the key reasons why it is so important for your business.

The Prevalence of Malicious Attacks

Perhaps the single most important reason why businesses should seek out IT infrastructure services is to protect their business from malicious attacks. Things like hacking and phishing are nothing new, but they are now more prevalent than ever before, while more recent threats, like ransomware, have joined them.

In fact, research from the University of Maryland shows that hackers attack every 39 seconds, on average. Often, these attacks are fairly unsophisticated, but the study also found that they are largely indiscriminate. This means targets are not limited to large corporations and small and medium-sized businesses are equally vulnerable.

Network infrastructure design and managed NOC services can go a long way towards protecting your business, ensuring the right security protocols and safeguards are in place, and that both software and hardware are up-to-date.


Why is Network Infrastructure Design Important For Your Business?

The Rise of Remote / Off-Site Work

One of the big network infrastructure design challenges for modern businesses is linked to the rise of remote work and portable internet-enabled devices. As a result of this, more employees want to be able to access their emails, the company intranet, and various other work resources from their mobile phone, tablet or home computer.

A guide published by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure raises the point that remote work increases security risks in a number of ways. For instance, employees in public spaces or shared accommodation could leave devices unattended, or might not adhere to the same standards when protecting data.

For this reason, it can be beneficial to seek out professional IT infrastructure services and devise an appropriate network infrastructure design. The balancing act is providing the required connectivity, while taking precautions. In particular, your servers need to be kept secure and you may need to restrict access to the most sensitive information.

The Need for a Disaster Recovery Plan

The modern reliance on data 24 hours a day, seven days a week also means network infrastructure design has to include preventative measures to stop site failure and other disasters from bringing business to a halt. This is why it is so important to work with a professional company, with disaster recovery experience, offering managed NOC services.

Disasters can take many forms, from physical damage to the servers caused by flooding or fires, through to hardware failure, or a human error that results in data being lost. The crucial thing is that you design your network infrastructure to be able to contend with these eventualities and minimise the disruption that is caused.

Why is Network Infrastructure Design Important For Your Business?

"A detailed disaster recovery plan should be a part of any network design," says David Weedmark, writing for Chron. "This includes, but is not limited to, provisions for back-up power and what procedures should be followed if the network or server crashes. It should also include when data is backed up, how it is backed up and where."

The Last Word

In an age where businesses rely on having 24/7 access to information and data, and where their customers expect efficient processes, network infrastructure design has never been more important. Indeed, IT infrastructure services can help businesses to contend with malicious attacks, recover from disaster and mitigate other security risks.

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Mitesh Patel

Managing Director

Mitesh Patel