Managed Service Provider, Fifosys, Acquires Cloud-based IT Services Company, Foration

Fifosys Acquires Foration

We are excited to announce that Fifosys has acquired cloud-based IT services company, Foration.

The acquisition sees Paul Weeden, formerly Managing Director of Foration, move across to Fifosys in his new capacity as Commercial Director. Mitesh Patel, Managing Director at Fifosys, has said “I have followed Foration for the last 5 years and first met Paul Weeden at Dattocon 2015. I always wanted him to join our team and I’m very glad that we will be working together to deliver value to businesses in need of exceptional IT services.

Fifosys was keen on the acquisition of Foration as it provided them access to a wider London market and with Paul Weeden staying on it meant a great deal of knowledge and trust could continue as part of both companies’ services to their client base. Foration was a well-established, 10-year business that had goals to deliver 24/7 support to their customers. In coming together and joining forces with Fifosys, they are now able to offer this valued capability across their client base.

Paul Weeden, former Managing Director at Foration, now Commercial Director at Fifosys – “I have always been proud of the level of service Foration offered its clients, but to expand and grow our offering to deliver a consistent 24/7 service in-house would have taken years.  Now that Foration is part of the Fifosys Group we can now deliver that consistent, high level of, support to our global client base.”


Some of Fifosys most notable clients include The Santon Group, Saatchi Gallery, Meantime Brewery, Get Living London and Dixon Jones. The business was born out of passion and has been developed with pride. We strive to ensure that we embody our core values in all that we do. This is what makes us tick:

  • We’re trustworthy and transparent - because we keep our integrity, we keep our clients
  • We’re inquisitive and innovative – if it doesn’t exist, we create it
  • We’re passionate and positive – everything is possible

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Mitesh Patel

Managing Director

Mitesh Patel