Be Smart. Update your operating systems.

Be smart. Update your operating systems.

Criminal hackers seek short-term results with minimum effort.

Like Predators watching hordes of prey for hours on end. They eye up the weak. Patiently waiting before going in for the slaughter.

Hackers look for chinks in your armoury. A weaker target makes for an easier kill.

Hackers target known vulnerabilities in common operating systems or code. They leave malicious code in online ads, websites and email links that jump on any computer running out-of-date code.

Many businesses still use Windows XP. Much was made of Windows XP not receiving security updates. Machines running Windows 7 receive security updates. Had they been updated they would have been protected. Those who delay updates risk infection.

Like waving a wounded limb at a lion.

Windows 7 is the most popular version of Microsoft’s operating system. Windows 7 accounts for 46% of Windows computers worldwide.

One cybersecurity firm says Windows 7 accounted for more than 98% of WannaCry infections worldwide. Another indicates Windows 7 accounted for 67% of infections.

The numbers may vary but the bottom line is simple.

Update your Operating systems. It is smart to be careful.

Ransomware will infiltrate your IT infrastructure. Business owners continually procrastinate in making the data security updates needed to defeat undoubted cyber threats.

Protecting your business data is of paramount importance. Seek support from skilled individuals who live and breathe cyber security. Actively engage with highly skilled engineers who relish the challenge of staying one-step ahead of hackers. Fifosys proudly provide 24/7 IT Support Services.

Be Smart. Be careful. Protect your data.

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Huw Tremlett

Data Management Consultant

Huw Tremlett