How would your business cope with a cyber assault?

Can your business cope with a cyber attack?

If National Institutions in the UK can so easily be hit by ransomware described by Marcus Hutchins as “not as professional as I suspected” –How would your business cope with a strategic cyber assault on your IT infrastructure - carried out over weeks spreading through critical business applications deliberately designed to bring your business to a standstill?

How would your business cope if the damage were amplified by the selective use of carefully modified encrypted malware viruses?

Such forms of ransomware are more common and increasingly difficult to bring down.

Could your IT team counteract a full spectrum of unregulated hacking activity?

IF NOT - your IT Infrastructure would be on the receiving end of a ‘cyber-war’ most SMB’s could not recuperate from.

Most businesses are ill equipped to deal with the threat.

Is your business susceptible to a ransomware attack? If you’re using computers, the answer is yes.

Ransomware easily seeps in to the inner framework of your IT infrastructure and vital business applications via common routes like staff emails. Business owners continually fail to understand the profound transformation of data security measures needed to deter and defeat undoubted cyber threats that lie ahead.

There is a national shortage of skilled people available for information protection.

Commons Public Accounts Committee, 2017

Protecting your business data is of paramount importance. Seek support from IT Experts who live and breathe this stuff. Actively engage with highly skilled engineers who relish the challenge of staying one-step ahead of cyber criminals. Fifosys are proud providers of 24/7 Elite level IT Support Services.

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Huw Tremlett

Data Management Consultant

Huw Tremlett