Ransomware Worldwide - Who is at fault?

Ransomware Worldwide - Who is at fault?

Ransomware spreads worldwide and the blame game is in full swing.

Jeremy Hunt warned the NHS in 2016 they were failing to prioritise cybersecurity by continuing to use obsolete computer systems. NHS leaders were told in April 2014 the government had no plans to extend XP support beyond 2015.

NHS trusts had 70,000 computers running Windows XP as ransomware spread throughout hospitals providing an easy route for Wanna Decryptor to create havoc.

President Putin echoed Microsoft view the primary source of the virus was the NSA of the US.

Sir David Osmand, former head of GCHQ, claimed Microsoft knew public and private bodies around the world were dependent on Windows XP when withdrawing technical support.

How did hackers obtain cyber weapons from the NSA so easily? 

A Windows XP patch has since been issued but should Microsoft have ended support services so soon with institutions heavily invested in Windows XP? 

The chain of responsibility is complex but ultimately the blame is with the hackers. Wanna Decryptor hit 150 countries. 200,000 organizations infiltrated to crippling affect. Bitcoin accounts linked to hackers received £42,000 from 110 sources as of 15th May 2017.

Frugal investment in data security is utterly short sighted. Not having efficient IT systems to apply patches and back up data puts your business at risk.

Cloud Services are more crucial than ever with end-to-end encryption rendering traditional data protection ineffective.

Cloud Computing positions your business better to manage undoubted risks in the future.


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