• 27/06/2022
Security is not just a logo for your website!

Security is a daunting word. However, it's paramount for any business. 

In a digital-focused world, an increasing amount of companies are focusing on things such as ISO 27001 or PCI accreditations.

Whilst it's refreshing to hear more people taking data security seriously, we felt it wise to understand the reasons behind the motivations before we support business leaders on their journeys. 

Whilst listing accreditations on your website may look good - and could even open up tendering processes to businesses - security must mean much more than a tickbox exercise.

We all like the idea of better security, but are you prepared to put the work in to ensure standards are met and maintained? Or, could you be opening the door to more security risks?

What is a security risk?

When asking people about IT security, you may get answers that include mentions of firewalls and penetration tests. 

Yes, security includes preventing unscrupulous people from hacking your network. But, it also includes ensuring the integrity of your data - and protecting it from accidental loss or modifications within your network. 

As such, we have to also look at backups, DR, anti-virus, anti-malware, building security, working practices, documentation and crucially, staff training.

Why is your data important?

Data security is essential, as most businesses are now driven by insights and what their numbers tell them. 

To put this into perspective, according to the Boston Computing Network’s Data Loss Statistics:

“60% of companies who lose their data shut down within six months of the disaster”. 

Can you afford to test that statistic? If not, you may be looking for a place to get started.

Where do you start?

Data security is a necessity and requires a deep understanding of the areas most important to your business and your customers - which allows you to prioritise your response. 

We understand that every business has budgetary constraints, and when it comes to cyber security, you will likely be asked to justify the expense. Working with Fifosys means we can help deliver a proposal to board members - regardless of their technical knowledge or ability.

The Last Word

Accreditations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, ISO 27001 or PCI are great for businesses and demonstrate your commitment - but security has to be taken seriously on all levels. 

It can be a very daunting process to start, so we suggest getting an external company to review your systems and processes to offer expert advice.

If you would like to speak to Fifosys about security or compliance, we would love to hear from you.

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