Thanks for having us Legalex!

Thanks for having us Legalex!

We recently spent a few days out of office to participate at Legalex Cyber Security Expo at the London ExCel.

Over two busy days, we greatly enjoyed ourselves. However, we sadly discovered a common theme among visitors. While many could explain they were backing up their data and were ‘all sorted in that department’, when asked how they recover their data they weren't too sure what their processes were.

Of everyone we met, not one person could confirm :

  • Who in their company was responsible for data recovery?
  • How often back ups are made?
  • How long would it take to recover their data?
  • What would the impact be on the business should their data be lost?
  • How would they recover their data?
  • At what pace is their data growing?


Of what use is your data if you don't know your recovery capabilities?

We deploy up-to-date strategies for modern businesses to ensure a swift and efficient recovery:

  • Frequent hourly backups of data as opposed to daily
  • The ability to reboot entire infrastructures in a matter of seconds
  • on-site recovery for minor issues
  • Off-site recovery for major disasters
  • The ability to make accurate predictions for future data growth
  • Support - Have a service desk to turn to in times of need


How sure are you of your ability to recover your data from a disaster?

With threats of ransomware increasing and GDPR fast approaching, an investment in IT disaster recovery and business continuity is an investment which will future proof your business as well as save you some money.

We strongly believe disaster recovery should be a high priority in anyone's data management procedures.

How sure are you of your ability to recover your data in the event of a disaster?

Not knowing for sure is a risky position to be in. For a full recovery audit, please get in touch.

Mitesh Patel

Managing Director

Mitesh Patel