The Benefits of Automation: It’s a Win Win Scenario

The Benefits of Automation: It’s a Win Win Scenario

Automation is an important topic within the field of cyber security - and within IT in general - but it is not always fully understood. For instance, many people still think of it in terms of relinquishing control of systems and processes. Yet, in reality, it is perfectly possible to reap the rewards and maintain control over what is automated.

With that being said, it is important that automated services are used carefully and this is why it is recommended that organisations turn to a managed service provider, or MSP, to assist them. In this post, we explore the concept of automating cyber security in more depth and explain why it is a win-win scenario for businesses.

Software Vulnerabilities and Cyber Attacks

Any business that is serious about cyber security needs to pay particular attention to the issues of patch management and service pack installation. As the National Cyber Security Centre points out, one of the biggest threats to businesses now arises when attackers look to exploit security issues, bugs and other vulnerabilities within software.

Today, many of these attacks are so sophisticated that teams of cyber criminals work together to identify possible flaws in applications or features within applications, and then share any possible attack avenues with one another, and with others on the Dark Web. As a result, details about vulnerabilities can spread extremely quickly.

All of this means that keeping software up-to-date is absolutely critical for protecting your organisation properly. As soon as software developers become aware of vulnerabilities and release patches for them, you want to make sure your business is benefiting from the patch and not at risk of having the old vulnerability exploited.

The Benefits of Automated Patch Management

It is precisely here that automation becomes so valuable in the fight against cyber attackers. By relying on an automated patch and service pack management system, you can ensure your business is always protected by the latest updates and this will help to plug any vulnerabilities in the applications your business uses.

One of the major benefits of turning to an automated solution is the ability to avoid any issues where you forget to update to the latest version, or where you are unaware that a new patch or service pack is even available. In turn, you gain peace of mind that you have not overlooked an update or unintentionally left your business at heightened risk.

Meanwhile, as Computer Weekly identifies, one of the current cyber attack trends that worries many businesses is the growth of AI-based attacks. These attacks can provide new threats, which human attackers alone would be incapable of. Unfortunately, a purely human-driven, non-automated response to this can be too slow to adequately cope.

Of course, it is also important to state that keeping everything up-to-date is a significant part of IT management and can take up a lot of time. When you switch to a service that means this is all automated, it can potentially free up more of your time and your IT staff's time, allowing other important business activities to be completed instead.

Automate Your Patch Management With Fifosys

The best way to benefit from automated patch management is to speak to a managed service provider, or MSP. At Fifosys, we have been working with organisations in London and the surrounding area for almost 20 years, helping to bolster cyber security and protect companies from the various malicious threats that exist.

We make use of a platform called N-Able, which helps us to not only deliver the kind of automated security updates you need, but also to monitor some of the most important areas of security for businesses. This is all handled in our Network Operations Centre, which is staffed by Level 2 and Level 3 engineers on a 24/7 basis.

Ultimately, automating tasks like patch management and service pack installation is a win-win scenario for businesses. Not only do you free up more time to focus on core business activities, but you are also able to benefit from a greater level of protection, without the risk of leaving software vulnerable after new patches have been released.

The Last Word

The nature of cyber security threats is always evolving and it is important that businesses respond to these changes appropriately. Attackers are constantly looking for new vulnerabilities in software and the rise in use of AI has made these attacks more sophisticated and harder to cope with. Automated patch installation can help to plug vulnerabilities in software quickly, while also giving you the peace of mind needed to spend more time on other business activities.

James Moss

Technical Director

James Moss