Businesses need offensive and defensive data security strategies

The Need for Offensive and Defensive IT support

Ransomware recently infiltrated universities, railway companies, car factories and government departments as well as the NHS. 
200,000 organizations in 150 countries were affected.

GCHQ struggled to contain the spread of the virus when a self-taught 22-year-old surfer working from his home-built malware lab in North Devon brought down Wanna Decryptor.

The combative efforts of Marcus Hutchins drew attention to a weakness in Britain’s arsenal.

Many businesses share those weaknesses and the crisis highlights how organisations need IT support from people with offensive security skills.

Aggressive and defensive operations are made of two parts:

1Working to exploit weaknesses in Operating systems
2. Securing IT infrastructures against those weaknesses

Marcus Hutchins highlighted the importance of responding offensively as well as having defensive measures in place.

Offensive Security skills involve malware analysis techniques to better understand how malicious software spreads, its payload and the knowledge to spot weaknesses in malware.

Ransomware seriously seeps into your IT infrastructure and your vital business interests. Business owners continually procrastinate in implementing data security measures needed to deter and defeat undoubted threats in the future.

There is a National Shortage of skilled people available for Information protection.

Commons Public Accounts Committee, 2017

Protecting your business data is of critical importance. Seek support from IT experts who live and breathe data security. Actively engage with highly skilled engineers who relish the challenge of staying one-step ahead of cyber criminals. Fifosys proudly provide 24/7 Elite level IT Solutions and Support Services.

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Huw Tremlett

Data Management Consultant

Huw Tremlett