Why You Should Take Your Cyber Security Seriously

Why You Should Take Your Cyber Security Seriously

If it feels like you are seeing cyber security issues in the news almost every single day, it is because you almost certainly are. Research shows that cyber attacks occur at a rate of around one every 39 seconds and these attacks are indiscriminate. What this means is simple: if you have an internet-connected device, you are vulnerable.

This should be of real concern to individuals and businesses. After all, we put a huge amount of personal data out there in digital form, and businesses are entrusted with keeping our information safe and secure. Additionally, a cyber attack will jeopardise your day-to-day operations, resulting in disruption and, if successful, loss of revenue.

With this in mind, this article explores why you need to take your cyber security seriously, invest sufficiently in cyber awareness training for employees, and adopt other sensible measures to protect your data. 

The Prevalence of Cyber Security Issues

There is little doubt that concerns about cyber security are growing. In fact, according to a study from the University of Maryland's Clark School, a cyber attack occurs every 39 seconds, on average. Over the duration of the study, the computers being monitored were attacked 2,244 times a day, typically through automated scripts. 

Of course, this does not come close to the full extent of your cyber security concerns, because not all of the threats are malicious. In fact, human error and employee negligence represent an even greater security risk.

Research carried out by Shred-it found that 47 percent of organisations had experienced a data breach caused by issues like devices or documents being lost, or computers being left unattended. The risk of human error has also increased in line with the rise of employees working remotely, and the use of personal devices in the workplace.

As a result, assistance from a professional IT support company can be hugely beneficial.

Why You Should Take Your Cyber Security Seriously

The Importance of Cyber Security Measures

While cyber security threats are growing, things can be done to protect your business. Thankfully, the aforementioned study from the University of Maryland shows that many cyber attacks are unsophisticated "brute force" attacks on multiple computers at the same time, as opposed to a more sophisticated targeting of specific devices or systems.

This, combined with the prevalence of human error, means that fairly simple steps can be taken to mitigate risk. Investing in cyber awareness training can play a valuable role in helping to protect systems and data; teaching employees about the threats they may encounter and the small changes in behaviour that can help.

For example, teaching employees some best practices related to usernames and passwords can be beneficial, as many hacking attempts are automated and involve guessing obvious passwords. Similarly, as Norton point out in an article on their website, teaching employees not to open suspicious emails and to keep software updated can also be crucial.

Given the amount of cyber security threats that exist and the potential consequences - which can include loss of data and even complete loss of customer trust - adopting measures to protect your business is essential.

Why You Should Take Your Cyber Security Seriously

Taking Security Responsibilities Seriously

Ultimately, you must think about the sheer amount of customer data your business has access to, and then adopt the approach that you are responsible for keeping it safe. That also means accepting responsibility for preventing cyber attacks, employee negligence and accidental errors.

Often, the real victims of a successful cyber attack or security breach are not those in your business, but the customers who have trusted you. For this reason, you should consider working with a security focussed managed services provider to make sure you have your bases covered, and that you are doing all that you can to keep yourself and others as safe as possible.

"Whenever I talk to the real cyber experts, they tell me the lights are blinking red, that we're so vulnerable, and we need to do a lot more," says Erik Brynjolfsson, director at the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy. "These small additional steps, they may slow down some of the processes...but they'll make us tremendously more secure."

At Fifosys, we work with SMEs in London and the south east targeting exactly these issues, offering a range of cyber security services, helping businesses to identify vulnerabilities, and assisting them with the implementation of various security solutions.

The Last Word

With the sheer amount of information businesses, customers and other individuals put out there in digital form, it is imperative that steps are taken to mitigate cyber security threats. For this reason, it is essential that businesses work with a professional IT support company to protect their data and systems.


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Debbie Bidewell

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Debbie Bidewell