KM Dastur

KM Dastur

Fifosys IT support services and proactive system monitoring help worldwide reinsurance specialists.

Our Client

KM Dastur is a global independent reinsurance broker, headquartered in Mumbai with offices in London, Dubai, Casablanca, Kuala Lumpur, Moscow and Johannesburg.

The challenge

KM Dastur was using the IT support provided by their service offices but was growing increasingly concerned the service was not fulfilling their needs. Their primary concerns were:

Support was only available on a ‘break/fix’ basis

There was no process in place for monitoring the performance, robustness or integrity of the IT infrastructure

No maintenance or service arrangements were in place for the hardware

No one took ownership of issues occurring, leaving KM Dastur people to call the IT department to alert them to faults or errors that should have been spotted and rectified if any monitoring or proactive maintenance was in place.

The company did not want in-house responsibility for IT so they decided to outsource their services. A client of theirs recommended Fifosys and we were invited to propose a solution. 

Our solution

For KM Dastur, Fifosys IT support services was the solution they had been looking for. They have been particularly impressed with three principal elements of the service:

  • Proactive system monitoring - The amount of work that the Fifosys expert team carries out proactively through our system monitoring platform N-able
  • Problem Management – not only does Fifosys log detailed notes of all incidents, we have a team dedicated to investigating and resolving any recurring issues and proactively identify trends in support and maintenance

Expert resource – with the Fifosys solution in place, KM Dastur now has over 20 skilled engineers readily available to assist them.

James Moss

Technical Director

James Moss