Audley Retirement

Audley Retirement

Our Client

Audley builds and manages the UK’s first set of luxury retirement villages, with 11 sites currently in the UK. Something a little different from conventional care homes, Audley’s villages include high quality homes, cottages and apartments, with additional services such as onsite health and wellbeing clubs to bars and bistros.

Retirement homes historically are not associated with the notions of high tech, or IT services in general. However, for a property development and management company, Audleys’ innovative approach extends to both its concept of retirement and its strategic approach to business operations. Audley prides itself on its innovative way of thinking, something that fits well with Fifosys’ outlook on IT support.

As the business expanded, we knew that we needed something bigger and more flexible than our on premise IT solution. Fifosys helped us develop a new IT environment that truly fit with our wider business objectives. They took the time to not only understand the key business drivers but also outlined all the data and the costs associated with different options, which helped us make the right decision on a number of levels. It could have been an easier option to stick with an on-premise system, but as all the operational benefits of moving to the Cloud became clear, combined with the cost benefits the choice became an obvious one. Fifosys took an extremely detailed approach to migrating our systems and infrastructure to the Cloud. Their planning and execution were exemplary, which made the whole process extremely painless. And of course, the business and users have since benefited from the benefits that we were initially hoping to achieve. Fifosys’ Cloud infrastructure has been a huge benefit to us and has provided us with the ability to expand our IT infrastructure in a hugely agile way as we grow the business. Overall, the move to the Cloud has been the move we needed to achieve the innovation within our business that we needed to support what we believe is an innovative business proposition. The help and support we have received from Fifosys has also been key in the process. I am very much looking forward to getting our final sites live in the cloud.

Spokesperson, Audley Retirement

The Challenge

In 2007 Audley selected Fifosys to initially set up a server infrastructure at Audley’s office in Staines to provide 40 people with access to emails, files, and company applications. Since then, Audley has moved its IT infrastructure into Fifosys’ cloud - as well as Audley’s head office, Fifosys is also migrating each village’s IT infrastructure to cloud computing. Seven out of eleven sites have currently been migrated, with the other four in planning.

Our Solution

By 2011, the initial IT infrastructure Fifosys implemented for Audley had expanded. From the single site in Staines, Fifosys’ infrastructure was supporting six locations and over 100 users across the UK. Whilst highly reliable, Fifosys recognised the solution architecture was no longer viable for the multi-location organisation and proposed a migration to a fully hosted Cloud environment, taking ease of administration, and support with long-term manageable investment as contributing factors.

The proposal was designed to align the long term IT strategy with Audley’s business strategy, whilst also decreasing costs, reducing its risk exposure, increasing administrative ease and user confidence in IT for service delivery and operations.

Fifosys has migrated Audley’s business systems to its Cloud environment. The physical equipment and Audley data is stored in a data centre facility which is not only more secure and requires less management, but is lower cost to maintain than an on-premise solution.

Fifosys has also implemented its Citrix portal which allows Audley to access its IT infrastructure from anywhere with an internet connection; providing access to all the business information at any time or place. 

The Benefits

Moving to the cloud has enabled Audley to not only improve IT efficiency but also save a significant amount of money in IT costs. For example, the cost of upgrading desktops in the cloud environment is 60% cheaper per unit than the previous IT infrastructure.  Cloud computing is also saving costs when moving offices and expanding the business, as all data and applications needed can be accessed via the Citrix portal at any location. In addition, Audley has seen an impressive 99.99% uptime since going live, which again is saving time, increasing operational efficiency and increasing user confidence in the system.

This centralised management is also a huge benefit to the day-to-day operations of Audley’s retirement villages. Site managers can now move from village to village with access to the all the documents they need. Sites can also be managed and dealt with on a daily basis from one single centralised location, which is providing additional time and cost savings – and increasing the overall control that Audley has over the business operations.

James Moss

Technical Director

James Moss