Wasabi enhances online ordering and delivery management with new IT infrastructure services from Fifosys.

Our Client

Since 2003, Wasabi has led the way in providing fresh, attractive, modern Japanese food across London with a strong emphasis on speedy, efficient customer service and rapid response times in their online ordering and delivery.

In Fifosys we effectively get a ‘one-stop-shop’ in having a trusted provider to handle all our IT requirements

Nikki Philips, Wasabi

The Challenge

Wasabi enlisted the support of Fifosys when its existing IT infrastructure was not benefiting the needs of the business for the following reasons:

  • The rapid expansion and the company’s plans for growth drove Wasabi’s decision to evaluate its IT infrastructure.
  • Wasabi identified the need for high-level IT services in the form of a virtual Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) for agile IT delivery.
  • The growing demand of its continued expansion meant Wasabi needed an IT model built to support both existing and future needs.

As online feedback is a core component of their customer services, Wasabi rely on their IT infrastructure to sustain, support and enhance all aspects of their business. Their IT needs to be fast, efficient, reliable and highly resilient. This highlighted the problem. The popularity of Wasabi restaurants led to a demand for a rapid expansion programme. The Wasabi management needed their IT services to grow accordingly, accommodating future success to support fast growth with no loss of quality in their own services.

Our Solution

In Fifosys, Wasabi has found an IT partner similarly cultured to itself – an owner-managed, friendly and professional operation that offers agile services, a flexible and accommodating approach with great communication, fast response times and a true understanding of what the business requires both now and in achieving its long-term business goals

The collaboration between Wasabi and Fifosys provides:

  • An IT model that will not only accommodate the needs of the Wasabi business now, but also evolve with the growing demands it faces in its continuing expansion
  • An IT infrastructure that provides timely procurement, support and maintenance correlating with Wasabi's business requirements.
  • Immediate access to high-level IT experts who are at the forefront of the Industry bringing with them a vast array of expertise, up-to-date knowledge, ideas and innovations from other industries.

The Benefits 

  • A well maintained infrastructure tailored specifically for Wasabi’s needs
  • Up to date knowledge and ideas relevant to the modern market place
  • Fast, efficient, reliable and highly resilient IT services fit to support Wasabi today and for future success

James Moss

Technical Director

James Moss