Our Client

123Send is a leading provider of secure payment solutions in the UK, providing face-to-face and online card processing, mobile, portable and countertop terminals. They have supplied terminals to many special events including Wimbledon, The London Marathon and Sports Relief.

The Challenge

123Send were considering how best to host and manage their IT infrastructure and services as they moved forward with a business expansion plan. Their primary considerations were:

  • They were planning an office move so it was important to implement a solution that would help them minimise disruption to their business during and following the move.
  • They wanted a technical IT solution that would “grow” in line with their business expansion
  • With a user base spread across a number of different UK locations, they needed to ensure they had IT services that would maximise speed of access to the centralised environment and provide robust, reliable links.
  • While they were considering moving all their data and server infrastructure to our data centre, they needed to make sure that any such move would not compromise the services they provided across their business to their users and customers.

Our Solution

Our proposed solution was to relocate the 123Send back-end IT Infrastructure into our Fortress data centre.  This meant that the servers are no longer located at the 123Send Management Office and are all stored at our data centre, with all access to data now provided through the Citrix desktop environment.

The Fortress data centre has multiple redundant power sources including UPS power feeds and backup generators. This reduces the risk of power failure and provides a clean, uninterrupted supply to the hosted equipment.

The Benefits

  • Choosing fully managed services from Fifosys benefits 123Send in many ways including:
  • Data is stored centrally in a secure, protected data centre minimising the risks of data loss.
  • Servers can be managed even in the event of a total software crash via the “light out management” facility. This facility also reduces the need for engineer visits.
  • Increased security is provided for internal IT resources.
  • There are also many benefits associated with using Citrix to access data on a remote server as opposed to storing data on individual desktops
  • You have a consistent user interface with the “look and feel” of a normal desktop
  • You can maintain server performance levels without tying up the user’s workstation
  • The service is delivered over the Internet and wireless connections, allowing wider connectivity
  • Keeps an open session when network connectivity is lost, allowing the user to start where they left off when connectivity is resumed
  • The user can print to their default printer, or browse to an alternative printer on the network, enabling cost-effective printer sharing and data transfer.

James Moss

Technical Director

James Moss