Solar Communications

Solar Communications

Our Client

Solar Communications is an award-winning provider of communications solutions and both a client and valued partner to Fifosys. Solar creates holistic solutions to provide customers with the maintenance, training and support they need to use their communication systems to their fullest potential, and deliver measurable improvements and operational benefits.

Fifosys’ solution has already delivered tangible benefits to our business - not least ensuring that the acquisition of Armstrong in 2014 was a painless process in terms of technological integration. The Fifosys service desk provides on-going infrastructure support and provides peace of mind for our business.

Mark Colquhoun, Chief Executive, Solar Communications

The Challenge

In 2013, Solar wanted to remove their reliance on the Chippenham office and increase the resilience of their IT platform. Solar sought the support of Fifosys to implement an infrastructure upgrade in order to:

  • Resolve long standing issues with current systems
  • Introduce new technologies
  • Reduce the negative impact of IT on the business
  • Improve resilience of Solar systems
  • Provide the infrastructure for Solar to house a development environment
  • Deliver a scalable solution

Our Solution

Fifosys recommended a hybrid hosted and on premise cloud solution with a primary server located in Chippenham to ensure rapid access, and a secondary server at their Virtual 1 data centre where files would be replicated. Fifosys consolidated Solar’s core business services and migrated them onto a virtualised infrastructure, providing standardised technology, software and applications across all Solar’s sites.

The Benefits

The solution proposed and implemented by Fifosys has aligned Solar’s technology strategy with their commercial goals – future proofing their infrastructure to facilitate seamless expansion of the business. The tailor-made recommendation has enabled Solar to maintain its necessary legacy applications within a more resilient architecture. By migrating to new cloud computing services, Solar has benefited from increased reliability, speed and improved data security security. This has improved the experience of remote workers also. The revised structure also enabled Fifosys to decommission Solar’s redundant equipment, freeing valuable space on premise and reducing the business’ energy consumption.

James Moss

Technical Director

James Moss