WSM Communications

WSM Communications

Reducing downtime and enhancing IT services for international marketing organisation WSM Communications

Our Client

WSM is a specialist marketing and communications agency with collaborative divisions across Sponsorship Consultancy, Digital, Events, PR & Media, Experiential, Print Management and Creative Services. WSM’s clients include Aberdeen Asset Management, Brit Insurance, Henderson Global Investors, ISPS, Jumeirah, Optimum Nutrition, Standard Chartered and Thomson Reuters. WSM has international offices in the UAE and USA, working across existing projects in Singapore, Tokyo, Australia, South Africa, Brunei and Thailand whilst developing new areas of business.

Fifosys conducted our IT Audit and gave us fantastic consultancy advice and support. We now know we have a stable IT infrastructure and we do not have to worry about proactive monitoring and maintenance as Fifosys undertake all these processes and are aware of any problems before they affect our systems. The benefits we receive when working alongside Fifosys are that our issues are solved in a timely manner by nice, friendly, real people. It’s great to deal with IT people who know what they are doing!

Matt Shepstone, Head of IT, WSM Communications

The Challenge

In 2011, WSM recognised their business was growing very quickly and made plans to outsource their transactional IT. They wanted to appoint one company as a single point of contact for any IT and user issues and to provide consistent, centralized managed IT support services for their IT infrastructure and network.

A primary concern for WSM was that they had 45 people working from one server and needed to reboot that server once a week. As the server would be down for about an hour every time, effectively this was resulting in at least 45 hours of known downtime per week. WSM contacted a number of IT providers, including Fifosys, asking for proposals for improving their IT infrastructure and services, including responsiveness and uptime.

Our Solution

In our response to WSM, we recommended that a detailed audit of their infrastructure and network was a priority, in order to identify where the main problems were arising.

Our IT support team carried out an audit and sent a comprehensive report to WSM Communications’ Financial Controller Matt Shepstone, who then worked with us to agree the most effective approach for them going forward. Over the next few months we provided detailed advice and recommendations to WSM on improving their IT strategy.

By December, WSM Communications were in their final stages of deciding which company they would appoint to support their IT infrastructure. They ultimately chose Fifosys, primarily based on the level of knowledge and expertise demonstrated by our consultancy team.

The Benefits

As a result of the audit, consultancy advice and IT Support was provided. WSM Communications are receiving reliable, consistent services for all their IT needs, are no longer losing 45 hours a week of productivity and have seen increased staff morale as a result.

James Moss

Technical Director

James Moss