Cyber Security Roundtable
  • ONLINE ONLY - 10:00am - 11:00am

All businesses are facing increasing cyber threats that can negatively impact the operations and reputation of the organisation. These threats are not going away.

We are now in a fortunate position to protects ourselves from ‘known’ threats as well as ensure that when the ‘unknown’ threats take place we are prepared to deal with them.

Many have invested heavily in protecting their businesses over the last three years but it is only through continuous research and investigation that we can improve our security posture.

Join us for this 90-minute roundtable session which is packed with informative, useful and powerful advice to help you deal with the current online threats faced by organisations.

We've now had over 300 professionals attend previous roundtables and they've told us the main benefits they received were:

  • A refresher on the cyber threats that exist and information on the latest techniques that are being used.
  • Benchmarking their existing products used against new ones in the market, with feedback from peers who are using them in their environment.
  • Data and content to take back to their boards and team, to push for changes they should implement.

Having an existing technical background is not necessary for this session to be of value to you. Our focus will be on the business, human and technology factors that all combine to cause data and security breaches.

We will be unable to admit IT service providers without prior review and agreement.

These sessions will be running once a month, so check out our Eventbrite page for the next available date.

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Cyber Security Roundtable

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