Are you getting enough value from your investment in IT?

Are you getting enough value from your investment in IT?

Our audit process can provide factual information to assist you in making informed decisions regarding, ‘Where you are now? and Where do you want to be?’ when planning your future IT strategy.

We use a number of different tools to gather information relating to your existing IT estate. We then analyse this information in-line with best practice and our experience to make our recommendations.

We can also take a step further and analyse your capital and operating expenditure across all suppliers and products to determine where there is room for consolidation or renegotiation. Having completed over 300+ audits we have added significant value and in 95% of cases saved them money.


Our audit process includes the following:

1. Audit your existing infrastructure, highlighting issues identified to make immediate recommendations;

2. Confirm stability of your existing IT setup and your choice of baseline technologies in use;

3. Propose options for relevant IT Infrastructure Solutions to ensure your IT infrastructure is in line with your business objectives;

4. Diagnose any configuration areas where best practices require deployment;

5. Identify potential risk areas which may never have been considered nor accounted for;

6. Make recommendations to enhance performance and reduce the adverse impact of IT on your business;

7. Determine business decision drivers and technical decision drivers to help you make the most informed decisions.


Once we have all the information, we can discuss with you, ‘How you get there?’ and most importantly what time and investment is required.

A key output is, what risks have you knowingly or unknowingly accepted.

We tailor our audits to suit specific key areas that are causing you ‘sleepless nights’.


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James Moss

Technical Director

James Moss