Healthcare - The significance of IT Disaster Recovery

Healthcare - The significance of IT Disaster Recovery

Healthcare workers and patients are heavily dependent on IT Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solutions.

As businesses and organisations throughout the healthcare industry revamp how they manage, store and protect both staff and patient data - companies who have already made the transition are experiencing the benefits of slicker, more dynamic services as well as an ability to consolidate economically.

However, the result of the healthcare industry having a 'white-hot' media focus on it since the WannaCry ransomware attacks in 2017 has led to challenging circumstances of monumental proportions. Every healthcare organisation is having to modernise their infrastructures while their vulnerabilities have been heavily documented for everyone to see (including hackers).

According to the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Report, there were more breaches in the healthcare industry than in any other sector. As a result, the top 3 patterns were:

1. Miscellaneous Errors

2. Crimeware

3. Privilege Misuse

All the above account for 63% of incidents within healthcare. Furthermore, 74% of all internal privilege misuse was by means of logical access to assets (often databases) without a legitimate medical or business need with financial gain the motivation for 40% of internal misuse breaches. Full Disk Encryption can mitigate all the above threats as an effective, low cost element of your overall IT strategy.

Scalable storage options, extremely fast recovery times and 24/7/365 proactive IT Support is paving the way forward away from the traditional IT model. Times have moved on, technology has evolved and unfortunately, the healthcare industrys' need to modernise has been intensely exposed as it races to keep with the curve.

Where traditional file-level backup systems can take hours or even days to recover, modern healthcare organisations need the capability to:

  • Frequently backup data every hour
  • Re-boot entire infrastructures in a matter of minutes
  • Onsite recovery for minor IT issues
  • Off-site recovery for major disasters
  • Scalable in both technology and management
  • Experienced IT engineers on hand for customers whenever they need

“12 months on, Fifosys have delivered several benefits to our business. We have restructured how we store our data, making it much easier for teams to access. Abbots Care have many team members in the community, therefore remote access to key information is vital and was not available to us before. We receive responsive IT support from the Fifosys team, consistently making themselves available to give us advice. We know where our data is and we know it is safe - which means I have less sleepless nights and less worry about data breaches.”

Camille Leovald, Managing Director, Abbots Care Ltd

How an IT Disaster could affect healthcare services like Abbots Care:

Camille Leovald, Managing Director of Abbots Care Limited, created Abbots Care with her mum and sister in 1995. They had been working in homecare previously and found the level of provision appaling, therefore thought it a good idea to start a home Care business themselves.

Key to Abbots Care is their quality of service - supporting people in their own homes to live independently.

Technology is critical to Abbots Care as their industry is heavily regulated by the Care Quality Commission with rigorous compliance attached. If they don't meet compliance, they can be criminally prosecuted. Within Abbots Care, storage of sensitive information such as patients' health records (as well as their care plan needs) is massively dependent on technology running efficiently in order to roster their patients as well as the workers who care for them.

If technology were disrupted or were to fail - ultimately, patients of Abbots Care could die. If data is inaccessible in terms of their rostering system, their service users would have unmet needs - they could miss medication times or miss meal times with potentially catastrophic results. If systems broke down, Abbots Care would be extremely vulnerable and peoples lives would be at risk.

“When we were looking for a new IT provider, there were a team involved in the process. We had moved IT companies twice previously and we found it quite a painful experience on both occasions. However, with Fifosys, they were there every step of the way and managed the project extremely well. Overall it was a really good experience.”

Camille Leovald, Managing Director, Abbots Care Ltd

Which IT solution meets Abbots Care's requirement and why is it special?

In a thorough audit of Abbots Care's IT infrastructure, Fifosys found their Office 365 environment was not backed up beyond 60 days. As a result, they recommended the datto SaaS protection to give Camille peace of mind that all emails were backed up and protected on an on-going basis.

Fifosys recommended a solution that provided IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity all from a single supplier in datto.

Fifosys assured Abbots Care they were providing the right solution since 80% of Fifosys' clients use it. Fifosys use the very same solution they were proposing gave Abbots Care even greater confidence that it was the right solution in place to support their services.

Having had both solutions for over a year with no downtime and able to efficiently run the business, Abbots Care are enabled to scale the business further, confident in the knowledge their IT is secure.

Fifosys and datto give Abbots Care the confidence they have the right technology in place and the right IT partner who care about their business.

“I decided Fifosys were the right IT partner for the business as I liked their approach. They initially conducted an audit of our IT infrastructure, presenting a factual report that showed us where areas of weakness were in our existing service. Importantly, they also truly understood about small business and what our priorities were, like they read the road map of where we wanted to go, what we’re trying to achieve and held our hands along the way. “We are in the business of care, and Fifosys have proven they are too.”

Camille Leovald, Managing Director, Abbots Care Ltd

What's the price to pay by ignoring the risk?

An investment in IT Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Solutions is an investment in future-proofing your data. The threat landscape is expanding. Prevention is key but you need the ability to recover quickly is just as paramount. Total costs of data loss can get out of hand when you consider loss of revenue, productivity, and most critically the harm to the reputation built with your customers over the years. 

Fifosys can help by using IT Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity solutions allowing you to recover data in less than a minute. Get your business back on its feet before anyone notices. Data loss does happen so this can save you money.

Mitesh Patel

Managing Director

Mitesh Patel