Automate the pain away - Automate your patch management with Fifosys!

Keeping up to date with the latest security patches for your end-user environment is of huge importance but can be inconvenient for busy business owners. It makes sense to automate the process to ensure your business is protected against vulnerabilities. Once you've applied the patches, your business will be much safer.

We use a tool at Fifosys called N-Able. This tool allows us to monitor key areas such as end-point security, trend analysis, remote assistance and mobile device management.

The Fifosys NOC service is maintained by level 2 and level 3 engineers who have a strong focus on updates where security matters most, knowing security patches must be updated to protect our clients data.

Common applications such as iTunes directly interface with the internet. When they need updating, they appear in critical need to be updated as they’re a big target for hackers due to their popularity.

For these reasons, installing security updates and automating your updating process is an extremely good idea in terms of security.

Windows 10 is without doubt a much more secure operating system than Windows 8 and 7, with the latter the biggest victim and most vulnerable operating system in the Wannacry attacks in May 2017.

Installing security updates are a critical component to your defence strategy.

Fifosys engineers are level 2 and level 3 certified. Trained to maintain our NOC services with a strong focus on updates where security matters most. Identifying threats before they materialise. Let us make your lives easier by managing your patch updates and free up your IT team for more business-focused endeavours.

To discuss how effectively we can deliver 24/7 365 NOC services to your business please contact us.

Mitesh Patel

Managing Director

Mitesh Patel