Cloud Calling

Why do you need a Cloud-based telephony system?

Communication had already established itself as a vital cog in the machine for any successful business, but it took on a new light during the pandemic.

As many of us began to work from bedrooms, kitchen tables, and home offices, the importance of having a system that is both reliable and efficient is now second to none. However, staff at many organisations are still juggling between communication applications, ranging from Zoom to Microsoft Teams, Slack and WhatsApp. What if there was a solution that had all of these offerings in one, easy to use, location?

Cloud-based telephony systems, or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) as it is often known, has quickly grown in popularity because of this, becoming the solution for many businesses. Systems are hosted in multiple data centres, with calls connecting via the internet instead of ISDN lines used by landline devices.

With BT switching ISDN lines off by 2025, is it time your organisation made the switch?


What are the benefits of Cloud-based calling?

ISDN lines are a set of communication standards that uses digital transmission to make calls, transmit data and other network services. Whilst they have typically been the way many landline phones connect to one another, their shut off in 2025 opens to door to Cloud-based calling quickly becoming the standard. But what benefits can this offer your organisation?

  • Cuts down on your monthly bills
  • Offers a flexible working approach
  • Easy to implement
  • Simple to use
  • Reliable and secure
  • Boosts productivity
  • Advanced call features (such as Auto-attendant, Interactive Voice Response, Call recording and forwarding)

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