Cloud Readiness

What is a Cloud Readiness Assessment?

One of the first steps we will take to understand how cloud services may benefit your business is to carry out a Cloud Readiness Assessment. As part of this assessment, we will take the time to review your current infrastructure and applications, and then determine whether cloud migration is appropriate, possible and whether there are additional considerations before advancing further. From there, we will work with you to decide which cloud services to use.

This work may include everything from determining whether the IaaS, SaaS, or PaaS cloud model is best, through to identifying the systems and applications you wish to migrate and the order of priority for this to occur. In some instances, compliance or complexity issues mean that some organisations may not always be particularly well suited for cloud migration, whilst some legacy software may not migrate properly either.

Why do you need a Cloud Readiness Assessment?

By carrying out this Cloud Readiness Assessment before starting the migration process, we can reduce some of the risks linked to going in with unanswered questions.

We will also predict the costs of moving systems and applications to the cloud, making it easier for you to manage the transition. Properly preparing and researching your options can also reduce your overall cost.

We will factor issues, such as security, encryption and identity management into the Cloud Readiness Assessment and report back fully. We will also use our findings to determine whether the likes of Azure, AWS or other public cloud providers have solutions that will suit your needs and provide the right strategic and performance-related benefits.

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