Cyber Security London

Cyber Security

Education is paramount. Enforcement follows.

For every IT system - the most important element is the data.

With our ISO 27001 accreditation and Cyber Essentials Plus certifications - Fifosys have established a reputation for being one of the leading managed service providers in the UK. We help our customers by improving IT security and resilience of their systems through technology but we also help our customers through education. It is essential to ensure data is secure at all stages from design to NOC monitoring services and through to decommissioning. Making sure you have the correct policies, procedures and training to help your staff and customers are access data in the most secure way possible.

The importance for staff to understand how to be safe online is the essence of Cyber security in any London business. Weakness in this area is what computer hackers prey on in order to make their way in.

Our team live and breathe technology and are constantly creating information on the latest threats and trends such as:

  • Will GDPR change how content is regulated in the UK?
  • Knowing the threats to your business
  • Choosing between security, privacy and anonymity
  • Identifying vulnerabilities and how to remedy them

Click here for our educational series on cyber security to learn how to remain secure.

James Moss

Technical Director

James Moss