IT Infrastructure Management Services

IT Infrastructure Management Services

Fifosys have built a reputation of trust and integrity with our customers.

Some of the key reasons businesses choose Fifosys for Infrastructure management services are detailed below:

1. Experienced

Our engineers have worked in various environments - delivering in-house IT support services as well as in the managed service sector.

We have a thorough understanding of typical IT Infrastructure Management priorities which, combined with the broad range of verticals we support in our current client base enables us to empathise with the needs of your users. This, with our remote service means in the event of an emergency, your staff can immediately resolve many issues over the phone. All our engineers have focused personal development plans - covering a range of targets including accreditations in the core technologies we support including MCSE, VCP and CCNA's.

We support a range of on premise and cloud infrastructure solutions including Microsoft, Apple, VMware, IBM, HP, Cisco and other business systems. When taking on new clients, we often inherit their infrastructure so are used to supporting infrastructure architectures of which we did not implement. As part of lifecycle planning or when requirements change, we will then undertake technical refresh or redesign, where our Technical Architects and Project teams are responsible for the day to day management, support and maintenance. We have redesigned and implemented our own multi-tenanted cloud solution - hosting a range of services for our clients and support a broad range of vendor cloud services in London and the South East including Azure, AWS, Office 365 and Google apps.

From an application perspective, our clients use a range of line of business, 3rd party applications which require different skills to supporting standard applications. These applications are often designed with specific user requirements in mind and for specific teams. These applications are often designed with specific user requirements, are clear relating to these applications including periods when availability cannot be compromised and key users and processes relating to the application. To support such applications, Fifosys work with IT infrastructure providers, and any organisations which provide thrird party support to you, in order to clearly define tasks which Fifosys should undertake and those to be delivered by the softwarehouses themselves. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities is key so nothing 'falls through the gaps' in service.

2. Quality and Security Conscious

The IT Services industry is unregulated so there is often no such thing as "best practice". We have therefore taken steps to achieve ISO certification as a sign of our commitment to quality and security throughout the business. Underlining Fifosys' commitment to quality in all we do, we sought and achieved our ISO9001 accreditation in 2010 and are proud to maintain this year on year by consistently monitoring and improving to uphold effective processes. Demonstrating our adherence to best practice in the continuing security of systems, data and transaction, we achieved our ISO27001 accrediation in 2013.

3. Safe Hands

Our pro-active NOC service offers infrastructure monitoring and maintenance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through automated monitoring of your IT infrastructure. Real time alerts of any issues are followed with engineers resolving issues to ensure IT business continuity. We have worked with N-able, our systems management tool, to set up pre-configured responses and actions to specific types of service failures.

This can be useful, for example, with certain services which should start automatically on servers but prove to be unreliable. The benefits of self-healing means the systems are operating as business as usual more quickly and time is not wasted whilst engineers investigate and manually resolve events which are not significant issues. Our innovative use of N-able has been recognised by N-able themselves and we were awarded an innovation Partner of the year award by them last year.

4. Strategic support

We offer strategic support to business to help connect IT and operations. Our advisory service will ensure your IT budget is accurate and aligned with both your IT strategy and organisational need. Risks will be escalated and recommendations made to mitigate them.

Fifosys understand that, from both a budgetary and compliance  perspective, it is essential for your IT budget to be carefully planned and controlled. There are often hidden costs for IT which are not initially considered. Our experience enables us to assist you in identifying these to truly control and plan for IT expenditire. This service has proved particularly successful when undertaking reviews for clients who wish to move IT expenditure from CAPEX to OPEX.

Our teams will work with you to understand exactly how you use technology to facilitate your operations. This not only includes a deeper understanding of what systems are being used but how and why they are being used.

Questions we will consider include as an example:

  • Can anything improve the method in which systems are being accessed?
  • Are best methods available to your staff to communicate with staff, partners, suppliers and volunteers?
  • Can we use IT to improve the time taken to produce management information?
  • Can we use IT to improve the quality of information shared internally and externally?
  • Can we improve the system interfaces in use by your staff?
  • What IT innovations would enhance productivity and compliment the culture within your business?

5. Transparency & Reporting

Our relationship with our clients is based on being open in our day to day work and reporting. We do not hide behind statistics and encourage clients to make use of the tools we provide. This gives you full visibility into what we do. This includes access to a service portal to view Service Desk activity and further dashboards may also be offered. Our incident reports and status reports aim to give you the factual information you need. If anything does not meet your expectations, we will be open in our resolution. This forms the basis of agreed KPI's as we endeavour to gain your trust to hopefully sustain a long professional relationship.

Whilst all the service providers would be expected to deliver some degree of ticketing system as part of the Service Desk service, Fifosys deliver an exceptional service in the level of classification and ticket analysis we provide. When we engage with a new client, we take time to ensure all the systems and services they use on a regular basis appear as distinct Service Items in our ticketing system.

This enables us to give detailed reports which don't just show 'request versus incidents' and 'time to resolve', but drill down into specific details like which teams and users are logging which tickets. The following charts give examples of ticket related reporting.

This data is a central focus of Service Reviews and is invaluable in identifying training needs, potential problems or areas where systems do not seem to be delivering what the business needs. This exceptional granularity of detail has been noted in both external quality audits as well as by vendors specialising in managed service applications and CRM systems.

6. Friendly & Efficient

Above all else, our primary goal is to ensure your staff receive a fast, efficient and friendly service. All our engineers are highly trained and maintain detailed documentation about your company and systems. Our team are always willing to take the time to understand our customer's unique needs.

"I have never encountered an IT provider that has demonstrated such a commercial focus for and on behalf of a client. Right from the start of the relationship they showed a real drive to explore how IT could be leveraged to generate revenues and they've pushed that commercial focus right through the organisation. This commercial acumen has been a real value-add"

Anandh Owen, COO, Delancey

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James Moss

Technical Director

James Moss