Lease Your IT Equipment with Fifosys!

Leasing IT Equipment

Hardware + Software + Services = One monthly price per user

The way we all do business is changing. So too are expectations of how IT is managed.

Fifosys helps our clients bridge the business demands put on IT by offering an investment strategy aligned to our clients’ evolving business needs. We partner with HP Financial Services and their role is to provide the required funding to our clients. HPFS enables you to bundle hardware and services into one affordable monthly payment plan. Fifosys can offer “as a Service” when working with us.

Manage Consistency

Businesses are increasingly adopting a leasing approach to their IT.

With leasing options of 2 or 3 years, Fifosys can provide companies a cost effective quotation for your hardware, Software and associated services.

Subscribe and simplify

Help maximize cash flow with a monthly subscription to use best-in-class hardware and services—plus, it allows you to renew your technology every three years for a low monthly payment.

Control Budget Costs

Costs can be easily predicted with precise management of the solution – upfront costs with no hidden extras. With a monthly price schedule you know exactly what your payments will be each month.

Decrease the financial impact of downtime caused by technology issues by choosing the best level of IT support, additional IT services, and software you need.

Choose your business products: This leasing plan will enable your business to take advantage of flexible terms, ensuring your hardware is up to date.

Get a quote: Call us directly or email and we’ll give you an estimate of the monthly cost followed up with a firm quote.

 Payment structure based on:

  • 3 Year Fair Market Value (FMV) lease – pay for usage model
  • Flexible end-of-term options with complete transparency 
  • Wide variety of options including extension, return, buyout and renew
  • We can provide finance for HP Hardware, and Services as well as third party products
  • We can offer a best fit rather than budget fit by using a monthly payment plan. *(Terms & Conditions apply)

Stay up to date:

As technology changes quickly, you have the option to renew every three years. No need to keep up with new hardware, services, and applications. Choose the latest hardware and best subscription duration for your business (24 or 36 months)

Complete paperwork

When you’re ready to go ahead let us know and we will send the paperwork directly to you for signing. When all the paperwork is complete we will process your order.

Refresh in 2 or 3 years

Your technology will always be up to date with a subscription contract. We will be in touch 3 months before the end of your contract term to let you know you’re due to refresh and help with your requirements.

Talk to your Account Manager today. Gain an insight into how leasing can help you shape your IT and prepare your company for the future. 


Terms and Conditions

This is not a monthly payment plan. Only available to VAT registered companies in the UK that have been trading for more than 36 months.

Available on Business products and Consumer products are not eligible for business financing. All offers are subject to credit approval / submission of proof / documents. Prices may vary based on the products and configuration you select. Subject to stock availability.

We are partners with HP Financial Services who will carry out the credit check and approve the business to lease. Other fees or charges may apply.