Managed NOC Services

NOC Monitoring Services

Fifosys believe a well maintained IT infrastructure is the key to stable and productive systems. Fifosys Managed NOC Services (NOC) was created exactly for this purpose.

Fifosys will provide a proactive infrastructure maintenance and management service via our 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC). This is a dedicated team of senior engineers whose sole responsibility is ensuring our client’s systems are operational and available.

The service uses the default monitoring templates that have been defined for each server, product or role by the NOC team. We will have worked with you to pre-select these during the on-boarding process. You are not able to customise these templates, but they will be updated by our NOC team to reflect new updates and products released by the respective vendors. If you do need to add extra services to a template, our NOC team will analyse the requirements and, wherever possible, make arrangements to customise the template either during the on-boarding process or later, as required.

NOC Management Services

Fifosys NOC services cover vital key monitoring areas to support and maintain your IT infrastructure.

All our maintenance services are provided by our dedicated NOC team, which is staffed by level 2 and level 3 engineers, covering server and infrastructure support to ensure your business has the best it support in London

James Moss

Technical Director

James Moss