What problem do we specifically solve?

In some instances, clients have a vision that our procurement service helps bring that to life. Specific problems would be that a client requires a laptop/desktop without a clear understanding of the processor/drive/RAM/hard drive size they need. We identify the pain points within their current set up by evaluating the hardware and the software currently in use, before offering suitable solutions.

Some clients have an existing infrastructure they want to add to but may need support in choosing the correct connections/peripherals for any additional kit. We can identify a solution to this issue and make recommendations that best suit your needs.

Furthermore, as we work with pre-sales teams from our distributors, any workstation hardware/software/server infrastructure pre-sales problem is solved before the point of quoting, meaning our quotes have the solution to your issues.

Keeping costs to a minimum is a vital cog of any decision-making process, especially during the establishment or expansion of a business. We recognise this issue, that's why we offer the option of a lease quote, spreading the cost over three years as opposed to one upfront lump sum.

If the project is time critical, we will tailor a solution to include equipment that we know is in stock with distribution on a next day delivery.

We recommend cloud-based software, so if you have a problem editing Adobe Documents, we can upgrade your licences easily to enable this. If you have a problem managing your Office 365 licences, we can also take care of this via our cloud console.

Why would someone use our services?

In short, you present a problem to us; we provide a cost-effective solution for you. We have the expertise to provide you with pre-sales support and advice, as well as post-sales support if something goes wrong. We work very closely with our dedicated account managers in the authorised distribution channel to ensure we bring our clients quality value, service and support.

Based in London, our team of engineers are available to build and install your kit promptly – which is a value add when it comes to time-critical projects.