Service Levels & Performance Reporting

Service Levels & Performance Reporting

Standard or customised service levels for your business.

Fifosys take pride in our IT services and offer both standard and customised service levels to our customers. However, we don't just believe in meeting expectations - we always aim to exceed them!

As an example, we always aim to be available when you need us. The target first response time runs from the point of first acknowledged contact and we categorise as follows:

  • Low Priority: one machine/user is affected. The issue relates to only a minor enhancement or trivial question. There is no productivity loss.
  • Medium Priority: one machine/user is affected moderately and there is some productivity loss or multiple machines/users are affected with only minor loss of productivity.
  • High Priority: incident affects multiple machines/users and several business critical functions in one area.

 Below is an example high-level service level matrix.

Activity / Issue

High Priority

Medium Priority

Low Priority





First Response

Within 20 minutes

Within 1 Hour

Within 1 hour

Resolution Time

Within 4 hours

Within 1 day

Within 3 days

Performance Reporting (KPIs)

Fifosys believe in transparent reporting with our customers. To achieve this, we use a number of tailored key performance indicators (KPI's) to measure our service levels. We present these to our customers in two formats. The first is real-time service dashboards - so you can immediately see how the service is being delivered. These can be presented either as a webpage or on a big-screen in your office. Secondly, they can be presented in scheduled reports which show a roll-up of the service for management reporting.

Below is an example service dashboard. 

Example Dashboard

Debbie Bidewell

IT Manager

Debbie Bidewell