Backup & Business Continuity

Downtime is not an option!!! Can you recover your data in seconds?

All businesses are increasingly reliant on their data and the threats to that data are growing. This means the nature of a disaster has changed. Its not just about recovering from a site failure; you need a flexible approach that allows you to recover from any situation including:

  • Hardware failure
  • Ransomware attack
  • Application corruption
  • Entire site failure (fire, flood etc)
  • Human error!

28% of CIOs have had to respond to a major IT security threat or cyber attack in the past two years.

KPMG CIO Survey 2016

Fifosys provide solutions to these problems.

Fifosys have been helping companies protect their data for many years. As part of our commitment to risk mitigation and business continuity, Fifosys will assess your requirements, define protocols and recommend the appropriate solution to safeguard your business - whether your data is on premise, in the cloud or hybrid. Our close partnerships with industry leading providers, like Datto, Asigra, and Microsoft, ensures best in class software solutions with aggressive recovery times.

Fifosys recommend Datto

Why Datto?

Fifosys are an Elite Datto partner and use this technology to deliver a business continuity platform that allow businesses to recover in minutes. Traditional file-level backup systems can take hours or even days to recover. We believe the modern business needs:

  • Frequent backups – hourly not daily
  • Faster recovery – minutes not hours
  • On-site recovery for minor issues
  • Off-site recovery for major disasters
  • Scalable in both technology and management
  • Support - Have someone to turn to when you need help. Don’t size your team ready for a disaster that, hopefully, might never happen.

Can you afford to ignore the threat?

An investment in backup and business continuity is an investment in your data. Threats are growing and, although prevention is key, you still need the ability to recover quickly if the worst happens. The costs of data loss can spiral out of control when you consider loss of business, productivity, and most import the damage to the reputation that you have worked so hard to build with your customers. 

Fifosys can help by using backup and recovery technologies that allow you to recover in seconds so you can get your business back on its feet before anyone notices. Data loss does happen so this can actually save you money!

Data Security

Our ISO27001 certification offers further reassurance that your data is in safe hands. That’s why we’re trusted to protect over 100 terabytes of client data.

Richard Palmer

Chief Technology Officer

Richard Palmer