Cloud Services

Scalable, flexible and secure Cloud solutions.

Fifosys have been delivering cloud services since 2006. Even prior to the creation of the term ‘Cloud’, Fifosys recognised the trend for off premise IT solutions and designed and deployed client solutions ahead of their time

Fifosys understands that every IT decision has to optimise the performance of your business. The applications necessary for your business operations are a key decision driver and we help scrutinise these factors via thorough auditing and cost benefit analysis to help you to decide how to move forward.

This solution is fast, efficient, secure and meets the business’s needs. Everyone from Fifosys was incredibly knowledgeable, helpful and professional throughout the project.

Ravi Patel, Group Financial Controller, The Santon Group

Integration Specialists

It is now not a question of "should I be in the cloud?" or even "which cloud should I be in?" the question for many companies is how to integrate both cloud systems and on-premise systems to ensure a smooth flow of data whilst also improving usability and security .

Fifosys use our experience to act as a Cloud broker and integrator to help guide our clients and implement solutions including Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, and more

Richard Palmer

Chief Technology Officer

Richard Palmer