IT Relocation Services

IT Relocation Services

Fifosys are experts in managing change and mitigating risk. This is the key to smooth project delivery!

From time-to-time, every business needs to implement a change - whether it be something routine like rolling out new PC's and upgrading software; to something more complex like IT relocation, moving to the cloud or designing a new server infrastructure. The key to success is a well managed project delivered by trained, competent staff who understand risk management and mitigation. 

Our IT project delivery team consists of business-centric solution architects, highly-skilled engineers and experienced project managers. We work with our customers to design and implement a wide variety of solutions and take pride in our ability to make the change as seamless as possible for your staff and your business.

Typical projects include:

We have learnt a lot, sometimes the hardway – the most important thing is we are in a stronger position to protect our clients by bringing all our experience to the table.

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The Proof - Happy Customers!

Fifosys are proud to say we have helped hundreds of businesses to transform their systems and ultimately have helped their businesses grow. To learn more about how we do this please see our Case Studies section.

Projects are priced on the estimated time needed to complete the work. Requests for Project Services are scoped by our projects team, and are then referred to your account manager for quotation and must be authorised by you prior to any work commencing.

James Moss

Technical Director

James Moss