NOC & Maintenance

Well maintained infrastructure is the key to stable and productive systems

The Fifosys Network Operations Centre (NOC) operates 24/7 to ensure your IT infrastructure is maintained and running smoothly. We take system reliability seriously and believe that proactive management and trend analysis is the key. 

Our customers partner with Fifosys because they want to extend and enhance the services they offer their business in a without the cost and complexity of doing it in-house. Engaging with Fifosys allows your business systems to reach the IT goals they need to drive the business forward whilst maintaining agility.

NOC Services

Fifosys standard NOC services cover the key monitoring & areas vital to maintaining your IT infrastructure.

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Security patches & service packs
  • monitoring & alerting
  • Remediation
  • Root cause analysis (RCA)

Proactive Monitoring is the key to a stable system

It is not enough to simply monitor if a system is up or down and then react. At Fifosys, we perform continual and deep monitoring into the health and performance of systems. We use this information to detect trends and prevent issues before they occur. This can only be achieved by the combination of skilled engineers and the right tools. 

Richard Palmer

Chief Technology Officer

Richard Palmer