IT Support – Out tasking

A controlled and flexible approach for driving down your IT costs.

Out-tasking your IT provides an alternative solution with expert support for specific aspects of your business’s IT estate. Where outsourcing transfers the management of your entire IT infrastructure, out-tasking enables you to select projects or services you would like to outsource. You retain control of the rest. Designed for large enterprise organisations with 1,500+ employees, Fifosys acts as adjunct to support your in house IT resource, lightening the load by undertaking particularly onerous or specialist functions such as:

  • Application operation
  • Maintenance of operating systems
  • Storage and backup

Out-tasking releases time and resource to focus on your core business while maintaining IT functions which make operational sense to keep within your internal IT team. Benefits to your business include:

  • Expert support where it’s needed most
  • Specialists working with speed, efficiency and best practice
  • Highly flexible and scalable solutions, with a range of retained contract options

If your IT department needs assistance, or you are embarking on a new IT project, we can support you to ascertain whether managed IT services is the right solution for your business.

James Moss

Technical Architecture Manager

James Moss